AUC/USM Scholarship is back! Apply before July 9, 2021!

June 14, 2021

The goal of the AUC/USM Scholars Program is to support individuals attending the University of St. Martin as they endeavor to earn a post-secondary degree and to develop abilities to contribute to the island of St. Maarten
A new group of AUC/USM Scholars is selected once a year in the fall semester. Continued funding for a maximum of four years is based on academic progress, with a requirement of minimum 3.00 GPA and no lapses in enrollment.

Requirements for AUC/USM Scholars Program Award:
— 1. Accepted to the University of St. Martin (admission requires satisfactory academic record);
— 2. Legal resident and currently residing in St. Maarten;
— 3. Commitment to live and work in St. Maarten after completion of studies;
— 4. Minimum of 2 years work experience in St. Maarten after completing secondary school;
— 5. Funding eligibility is limited to a four year period without leave of absence;
— 6. Scholarship awards are made on a semester basis and paid directly to the University of St. Martin.

AUC/USM Scholars Program Application Form

The form is available at these locations:
Student Service Center - USM campus.
Office of the Assistant Dean of Community Engagement - AUC campus. Telephone 545-2298, EXT 4041206.

Application Deadline: Friday, July 9, 2021


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