Island(er)s at the Helm: Paleoecology and Core Sampling

April 6, 2022

Public Event:
Tuesday, 12 April 2022
7:00 PM
USM Room 208
The University of St. Martin (USM) invites the general public to attend an information session on research currently being carried out in both the Dutch and French territories of the island by Dr. Kees Nooren (Netherlands) and Dr. Jaime Pagán Jimenez (Puerto Rico).

Using paleoecology (the study of ancient ecosystems by investigating sediments and fossils) and paleoethnobotany (the study of human interaction with plants using archaeological methods), the scientists will explain how this knowledge can inform us about changing topographies and water systems, what kinds of foods were grown in the past and what their findings can tell us about how climate change was experienced long ago.

Having accompanied the scientists and helping them with the collection of sedimentary samples from our ponds, USM Natural Science instructor Ms. Nakeisha Willems and her students will also share their experience on the field. During the month of April, core sampling is scheduled to take place at Salt Pond, Fresh Water Pond, Simpson Bay, Etang aux Poisson and Oyster Bay.

Dr. Kees Nooren and Dr. Jaime Pagán Jimenez are postdoctoral researchers in the Island(-er)s at the Helm research programme.


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