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June 17, 2021

The 'peer to peer' training not only helps the students to understand the industry first hand, it also reminds the staff members of the important role that they play within the organization.
The Belair Beach Hotel is proud and privileged to work along with the University of St. Martin’s (USM) work-based experience program. Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to assist the USM's students with a sound work based experience, by creating a hands on training manual outlining the tasks that each student will have to perform in all of the departments of the hotel.

This training manual is a result of the hard work of each department head and their assistants based on previous work training programs. It is a culmination of essential information from the various departments, hands-on/real life situations and challenging tasks to ensure that the student understands the importance of excelling at the projects given to them. The direct approach has proven to be a great guide in creating a real time experience for the students. It also gives staff members the opportunity to assist, according to their competency, in their department. The 'peer to peer' training not only helps the students to understand the industry first hand, it also reminds the staff members of the important role that they play within the organization.

We believe that it is very important for our work-based students to experience every department as all departments are essential in ensuring that we have a fully functional hotel. At the end of the work based experience program, students will be able to appreciate the interconnectivity of all departments, the importance of customer service, the importance of working together as a team, communication and the work that goes into ensuring that tasks are done effectively and efficiently. Our training incorporates 21st Century skills, which ties into the BTEC program and are essential traits of any productive employee.

Belair Beach Hotel realizes it's social corporate responsibility. We believe that if we want to have a great source of potential employees that we can select from, we must be a part of the solution. We encourage all companies to be a part of the solution by working along with the work-based experience programs as well as Internship and Research Projects at the University of St. Maarten. The quality of students that have had the opportunity to work with has been so good that we even hired one! It is clear that the solid educational background that is offered by the University through the accredited BTEC program from the UK and the dedication of the teachers at USM are a great combination.

If you're a business, small or large, be a part of the solution and work along with the programs. If you're sitting on the fence and wondering what to do as a career, contact the Hospitality and Business Division at the University of St. Martin. With classes starting as early as August 16th 2021, you too can have that diploma in your hand in as short as two years!! We encourage all high school graduates and those that are seeking a career change to take the plunge and make the small sacrifice for an entire lifetime of gain!!


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