A.A. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Get a sound foundation in Hospitality and Tourism Management. This program is BTEC and EQF Level-5 accredited.
A.A. Hospitality and Tourism Management
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BTEC accreditationEQF accreditation
The Associate of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management is both an academic and hospitality–oriented program. It allows students to acquire all necessary skills, concepts, and experiences to continue their studies for a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree; or be employed in various Hospitality Management positions as a starting professional.

The program offers the student a sound foundation in Hospitality and Tourism Management subjects and related relevant disciplines. A graduate of the Associate of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management program is a generalist in the hospitality field who is ready to become a specialist.

To meet the objectives listed above, USM uses the internationally renowned BTEC curriculum for Hospitality Management. Upon completion of this program, the student will earn the internationally renowned British
Higher National Certificate (Level 4) and the Higher National Diploma (Level 5) in Hospitality and Tourism Management next to their USM Associate of Arts degree.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is accredited by BTEC and is a RQF Level-5 program; the only accredited Level-5 program on St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Tuition and Fees

— Application Fee: $25.00
— Tuition cost per credit: $157.00 or $190.00
— General Fee (per semester): $100.00
— Registration Fee (per semester): $15.00
— Administration Fee (per semester): $250.00


— Program Length: Two (2) years
— Class Schedule: Day or evening hours
— Financial Aid: Yes

Associated files

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Admission Procedure

1 — Complete the application form ($25.00 non-refundable application fee).
2 — Submit the required documents (see admission requirements).
3 — Submit your final application before the deadline.
4 — Meet USM’s acceptance criteria (additional requirements not listed here may be necessary for admittance to this program).
5 — Sit for the placement exams.
6 — Meet with your division head/coordinator before registering for classes.
7 — Start your classes!

Admission Requirements

— Original high school diploma
— Original high school transcripts (must be sealed and stamped)
— Exam results (CXC, HAVO, PreUSM, GED, BAC, if applicable)
— A personal essay
— Two passport pictures
— Copy of passport (verified at USM)
— Proof of residency/registration form
— Affidavit of financial support (forms are available at USM)
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Admission deadlines:
 April 08
For summer (June) semsester.
 July 09
For Fall (August) semsester.
 November 09
For spring (January) semsester.

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