B.A. Business Administration Management

The B.A. in Business Administration Management helps you acquire middle and upper management positions within the private business sector and governmental organizations.
B.A. Business Administration Management
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UVI accreditation
This program is made available at the University of St. Martin in conjunction with the University of the Virgin Islands.


The School of Business courses are designed to prepare students to assume positions in middle and upper management in private businesses and governmental organizations. The program has been designed under the assumption that contemporary study in business administration must build upon a broad base of liberal education. The curriculum is intended to develop the students’ capacity to make sound judgments in their professional lives and endow them with the historical perspectives necessary to understand human values, motivations, and the relationships between economic activity and society.


The business administration graduate has a broad base of exposure to business concepts. The students will be prepared for entry-level positions in administration or management.


— Accounting: Students could qualify for administrative positions in receivables, payables, purchasing, or work as an IRS revenue agent.
— Computer Applications: Alumni may seek employment within an information systems department.
— Finance: Students typically seek career opportunities in banking.
— Management: Graduates generally pursue entry-level administrative positions.
— Marketing: Students have found opportunities in sales and advertising.


Accounting Concentration
Information Systems Concentration
Finance Concentration
Management Concentration
Marketing Concentration
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Program length: Four (4) Years
Financial Aid: Yes

Admission Procedure

1 — Complete the application form ($25.00 non-refundable application fee).
2 — Submit the required documents (see admission requirements).
3 — Submit your final application before the deadline.
4 — Meet USM’s acceptance criteria (additional requirements not listed here may be necessary for admittance to this program).
5 — Sit for the placement exams.
6 — Meet with your division head/coordinator before registering for classes.
7 — Start your classes!

Admission Requirements

— Original high school diploma.
— Original high school transcripts (must be sealed and stamped).
— Exam results (CXC, HAVO, PreUSM, GED, BAC if applicable).
— A personal essay.
— Two passport pictures.
— Copy of passport (verified at USM).
— Proof of residency/registration form.
— Affidavit of financial support (forms are
available at USM).
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Admission deadlines:
 April 08
For summer (June) semsester.
 July 09
For Fall (August) semsester.
 November 09
For spring (January) semsester.

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