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The Teacher Certificate Program is aimed at individuals who currently hold a Bachelor degree and wish to become a certified teacher.
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UVI accreditation
This program is proposed at the University of St. Martin in conjonction with the University of the Virgin Islands.


The program focuses on the development of seven core competence namely; Interpersonal, subject knowledge and didactical, organizational, collaboration with the working environment, collaboration with colleagues, reflection and self-motivation and pedagogical competence.
The Teaching Certificate requires a successful completion of 24 credit hours, in the area of education. Student Teaching is required in the final semester and accounts for 6 of the required credits.

All students entering the Certificate in Teaching Program must possess a valid Bachelor’s degree. Prospective students should consult with the Admissions Office about admissions procedures and the application of the Mature Student Policy. Students may request to receive credit for work completed elsewhere if it can be demonstrated that level of achievement is comparable.

For more information on this program, visit the UVI website.

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Admission Procedure

1 — Complete the application form ($25.00 non-refundable application fee).
2 — Submit the required documents (see admission requirements).
3 — Submit your final application before the deadline.
4 — Meet USM’s acceptance criteria (additional requirements not listed here may be necessary for admittance to this program).
5 — Meet with your division head/coordinator before registering for classes.
6 — Start your classes!

Admission Requirements

— Bachelor degree
— A personal essay
— Two passport pictures
— Copy of passport (verified at USM)
— Proof of residency/registration form
— Affidavit of financial support (forms are available at USM).

Matriculation requirements: after 2nd year
— Police record of good conduct
— Declaration of good health
— Psychological and Career Test
— Testing by a voice specialist
— Pass an assessment test in English, Mathematics, Geography and History (Social Studies), Nature, and Technology.
— Successfully pass the first year of the General Education requirements at USM with a GPA of 2.33, as approved by the project "UVl@USM."
— Successfully pass, with a minimum of a "C," Education courses: EDU 100, EDU 108, EDU 120, EDU 150, EDU 160, and EDU 170.
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Admission deadlines:
 April 08
For summer (June) semsester.
 July 09
For Fall (August) semsester.
 November 09
For spring (January) semsester.

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